Health tips

Health tipsYou must be known creamy delicious kefir that is very popular. If you are bored with it; you can create delicious and healthy smoothies, then. You can add fruits in your yogurt and get all the benefits now! OK, here you will see some suggestion of best combination for your smoothies. Are you ready to create the most delicious smoothies now? OK, let see the tips as the following.

First, you should prepare a half cup of kefir, a half cup of ice cubes, sweetener as an option if you like and one until two servings fruits. Then, you can blend them all and enjoy the best smoothies you made. What are the best combinations of fruits? OK, first you can use honeydew or cantaloupe melon and grapes. Then, you can use avocado and dates. Third, you may combine the pineapple and pears as well. Do you want more? You can mix mango and cardamom. Besides, if you like peaches; you can combine peaches, nectarines, and plums. You can add other fruits you like too if you want. However, you should try those combinations first and feel the healthy benefits. If you are brave enough, you can add some vegetables to your smoothies too. It will be so delicious for some people. For you too maybe.

If you do not really like vegetables to combine to your smoothies; you can just use the fruits above and try other fruits you like. You must be realizing the best benefits of kefir and the best benefits of fruits. If you combine those two delicious drink and fruits you can get double benefits for your body. Well, that is all the tips to create the most delicious healthy smoothies in your home. You can create the smoothies for the love ones. Show your love with healthy way.


Health tipsIf you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, you might think about quitting the smoking and you also will wonder, “what’s the point?” you don’t need to worry, because after the diagnosis quitting the smoking will also give you big difference in your life and of course it will mean something greater for you, and also it will be really helpful improve and also increasing effectiveness of you treatment. Here are the three surprising reasons quit smokings even after a cancer diagnosis. Well, if you have the same problem, you need to know these reasons, because it will be really good for you.

  • If you don’t quit, smoking will make the treatment harder, do some chemotherapy and radiation can cause unpleasant feeling and also side effect, including hair loss, nausea, pain, skin problems and also fatigue, and fortunately for you who decide to smoke, some research says, if smoking will make these side effect even worse than it used to be,
  • Smoking also will make the treatment not effective, you probably know about how the smoking can impact your body, it will affect the circulation, your immune system, cardiovascular health and even the ability to heal from the wound. If you are undergoing cancer treatment that involves surgery, it will make the treatment even harder.
  • Smoking also will increase the risk of cancer recurrence, even when the treatment that you do it’s successful, you can’t continuing smoking, because it will make the bigger chance for cancer to reappear and it will return to your body. So, you need to make sure you have a healthy life to keep the cancer sleep inside your cells.

So, no you know about how good to quit smoking is. Even for you who recently have a diagnosis with cancer. Well, for you who not get cancer yet, it’s better if you do some precaution in order to keep your body healthy and always in good the good condition.


Health tipsRambutan fruit is not all have a red color. There is rambutan fruit that has a color combination of red with yellow. This tropical fruit is a seasonal fruit. Rambutan fruit flavor has a blend of sweet and sour flavors. For high quality rambutan, it will only provide a sweet taste. Rambutan fruit is more delicious consumed directly without processing into fruit juice, the cake, and other processed. Pulp few indeed would be more enjoyable to be consumed directly. Rambutan fruit is a fruit popular among tropical fruits other. Don’t hesitate about the benefits. Rambutan has wonderful benefits for us. Here some benefits of rambutan:

  1. The rambutan has carbohydrate so it can be energy source
  2. The rambutan contains protein so it can change the damaged cell into the new cells.
  3. The rambutan contains vitamin A so it can heal the eyes. Therefore, if you have a problem with your eyes, it is suggested to consume rambutan regularly to heal your eyes.
  4. The vitamin C in the rambutan functions as an antioxidant for our body. Therefore, it can keep our body stay healthy and fresh
  5. There are so many minerals in the rambutan like iron, niacin, phosphor, zinc, magnesium and potassium.
  6. It can cure disease because of the lack vitamin A

Vitamin A can cure eyesore. Also, it can cure anemia. If you have a problem with anemia, don’t hesitate to consume rambutan. The iron that is contained rambutan plays a role to add hemoglobin production in our body.

  1. Curing Disease Due to Lack of Vitamin C

If you often experience diseases like sprue, chapped lips, and sore throat, you should be consuming rambutan. It will give health back. The content of vitamin C is high enough to restore the immune system and prevent these diseases.


Health tipsUsually, a mother is confused how to gain weight for their baby. They want to have a healthy baby. Therefore, this article will show you how to gain weight for your baby with high-calorie food. What are they?

  1. Beef Meat

Beef is very crucial because of the high protein content. If you want to increase weight with high-calorie food, I recommend choosing a piece of rib eye which has a lot of fat. Do not be afraid of cholesterol, because the baby has different needs than adults. They need a lot of fat because it is helpful for brain development and the muscles in their body.

You can give beef about 4-5 times a week. In a day, you can give 120-130 g of beef each day is processed differently they will not be bored. Well, give this meat was no trick yourself! Because in general, children who still do not have a complete dental, eating meat is a challenge for them. They are lazy to chew because the meat is usually tough. You can choose to scrape the meat when it is still in a frozen state so that the meat produced will be very smooth and easy to chew. If still not smooth, usually after completion cooked, you can blend the meat.

  1. Avocados are also high-calorie foods

Avocado is a fruit that contains high-calorie foods. 100 grams of avocado calories produce 160 calories. Additionally, the presentation is very easy. Only needs to be scraped and given directly to the children. Some children do not like the taste of fresh avocados; therefore, we suggest mixing it with another fruit that has a sweet taste like banana.

  1. Full fat yogurt

Bacterial content in the yogurt is very good for digestion! Calcium content in the yogurt is also good for bone formation. Yogurt also has a high fat content. Even so, there is also a yogurt that contains little fat. Therefore, make sure that you choose high fat and low sugar.


Health tipsOur modern society is not something that we can proud all the time, especially when we think about the effect our liver to become overworked. For instance, when we overeat fried or processed foods and when we are exposed to pollutants anytime we go out, this condition will make our liver to become overloaded and overworked. When it happens, it will not be able to process fat and toxins in an effective way. Nevertheless, you should not that worry about this condition since there are many foods available around you that can help to cleanse your liver naturally. The first food that can help you clean the liver is garlic. Only a small amount of garlic is capable of activating liver enzymes which support your body to flush out any toxic. It also contains a high amount of selenium and allicin which can aid liver cleansing.

Moreover, there is also grapefruit that can support you in the cleansing liver. Rich in both antioxidants and vitamin C, grapefruit becomes a natural cleansing that can work best for your body. Simply process it into a fresh juice and you will be able to help your body to produce liver detoxification enzymes. By doing so, your liver will perform detoxification in more proper way. Furthermore, you can also count on beets and carrots to aid liver cleansing.

Well, both of beets and carrots are rich in beta-carotene and plant-flavonoids that can make your body healthier. Eating both foods can also help you to boost overall liver function. Then, another food that you can try to aid liver cleansing is green tea. It has been found that green tea is a superfood that can boost our health. And one of the health benefits of this food is to support our liver function. All in all, just try these natural cleansing foods to make your liver healthier than before.


Health tipsSleeping is one of the people routines in order to rest the body to make it fresh and good in the next day. Everyone should sleep at least five until eight hours a day to keep their body fresh. So, how much sleep do you need every night? Everyone has different needs for sleeping. You know, there are most people that think that too much sleeping is not good for health and mind. What do you think? They are not false or right. So, how much time to sleep at night? Let see the tips below.

Sleep is a fun routine that always loved by everyone. Because it is feel good and relaxing. People will feel like recharging their body by sleeping, right? Actually, you should know the need of sleeping based on your own age and activity. First, if you are still a baby or a child, you can sleep more than the adults. You see that the lives of babies are mostly sleeping. Then, the older you are the less you sleep. It is because you have more activities and your body does not need too much sleep because of your habit. Too much sleep is also not good for your body.

The most important thing is you should sleep in routine. Do not oversleep or not sleep more than two hours. You will lose your energy and will be so passive if you do not have energy. Although food gives you energy, it is not enough if you do not sleep. Sleep gives you more energy than just eat food. Food and sleep are the main needs of your life; so, do not leave one of them just because you think you do not need it. You need to sleep no matter how busy you are. That is the tips for you.


Health TipsDo you like eating grapes? Then, you must have a very good physical health condition. Well, grapes are considered to be one of those beneficial foods that can give you many advantages. Have you known what are the benefits of this delicious fruits? Or don’t you know why you need to eat grapes, do you? Here are some top reasons for eating grapes for you.

First, it is full of nutrients and vitamins that are good for your health. There is no doubt that this tasty and mouthwatering fruits are rich in nutrients and vitamins. That’s why this fruit is highly effective to support your need for some essential nutrients and vitamins.

Second, it can be your anti-aging carrier. It is its resveratrol which is considered to have an anti-aging effect. This resveratrol is able to boost the activity of a protein called SIRT1. Thus, if you want to look younger as you live, you can help yourself by consuming grapes as your anti-aging secret.

Third, it can protect you against high blood pressure. If you have a high risk of high blood pressure, this fruit can be one of your food choices in order to lower your risk of high blood pressure. Not only high blood pressure, grapes can also protect you against another cardiovascular disease since it has anti-inflammatory effects.

Next, it can support your muscle repair. Are you active in your daily work out? Then, you may need this fruit to help you repairing the muscle. You can eat some grapes before and after your workout for muscle repair. It will be a very delicious choice to keep your muscle alert. Those are some reasons why you have to consider grapes as one of your daily food choices. Overall, it will be such delicious choices for you to stay healthy.


Health tipsAre you a traveler? Or you need to go out of the city just to go to your school or your office? It is probably important for you to notice your riding behavior. This is needed to be noticed because most people nowadays getting trouble with their respiratory system. They found themselves hard to breathe or even get asthma because they do not care with their safety riding requirement. Even more some of the people who have done so much time to ride getting a problem in their eyes because they do not know how to protect their body while they are riding.

Riding Problems May Be Getting Less Attention

The problems raised up because most of the people neglect about how to get a cover in riding a motorcycle every day. They think that riding in that day will not give significant impact to their life. But, this condition is repeated for quite much time until we do not realize it. That is why the problem is coming because most of the small problems are accumulated into a big trouble that could slow your body with its diseases. The other problem is also caused because our eyes are getting some dust or dirt every day that eventually decreases the capacity to see things.

The thing that you must prepare is that you must wear a face mask to give a good security for your respiratory system. As we know that the respiratory system is vulnerable to the dirt and dust from the outside of our body. The other thing is that you must get a glasses, this is to protect your eyes not only from the dirt that you may take while riding but also to protect your eyes from the exposure of sunlight and also to reduce its effect in our eyes. Therefore, we can stay healthy while riding a motorcycle every day.


Health tipsHuman being should be healthy inside and outside. It means that healthily is not only about what inside you, but also the looks should be well treated as well. The facial look is completely important for you to have a healthy face. What means of the healthy face? It means that you have moisturized face skin and free of clogging oil and pimples. Now, in order to get the healthy face, you do not need to spend some bucks as you can have the treatment at home. You can make the natural remedies by your own and do the naturally facial treatments as you do. Here are several tips in order to get the facial treatment at home:

  • Mask for normal skin

Well, it is completely easy to make your skin healthy naturally. Just use the natural ingredients and you will have a healthy face. The things that you have to do are making a paste of some natural ingredients. They are milk, lemon, water, honey, and oatmeal. Mix them all into one and make sure that you have the paste texture for it. Then, you can actually apply it to your face.

  • Mask for dry skin

It is good for you to know how to have the dry skin to get the natural treatment at home. You can use the lemonade and honey. This is the perfect texture that you can actually apply to your face. When you apply it, then you need to wait for about 10 to 15 minutes.

  • Mask for tightening

It is good for you to make your face skin stay young. You can mix the plain yogurt and lemonade. Then, apply it to your face and make it as the mask to make your face tight and smooth.

Those are several tips that you can do in order to make your face well treated and free from acne and clogging oil.


Health tipsLive longer and healthier is one of the dreams that dreamed by lots of people who live on this earth. If you want to make your body healthier than before there are lots of ways that you can do to make that happen. But, of course, the first thing that you need to plant in your soul and heart is the will to be good and healthier than before. If you don’t have the will you can’t be doing this and you will never live healthier and better. Well, you need to remember if you want to be healthy you need a strong will, because it will lead you to the very best of your life in the future.

Women’s are being that really hard to guess and of course, they are always looking for the instant and fastest way to get sexier and get the ideal body. But, of course, it’s a little bit dangerous and can give unexpected damage to the body itself. Well, if you want to avoid the bad thing, then maybe this few tips will really helpful for you.

  • Exercise after and before sleep.
  • Drink lots of water and milk (after and before sleeping).
  • Avoid eating Junk and Fast Food.
  • Eat lots of fruits that contain vitamins and fiber like apple, orange, and lemon.
  • Have 7 hours of sleep every night.
  • Avoid alcohol and cigarettes.

With following those tips, you will make your body healthier and of course, you can do it on your own which can be really good for you.

So, if you looking for the very good ways to be healthy, those following tips above can be a good idea that you can apply to your own daily lives. With following those steps, you also can get the sexier body and also it will make you looks younger and can live longer. To maintain your body always looks great. Don’t stops live healthy, because when you stop doing that you will look worse and of course unhealthy.