Superfood Secrets For Your Healthy Life

Health lifeHow long you want to enjoy your life? If you want to have such longer and happier life, just be healthy. Well, being healthy is a must when you want to live longer and live happier than ever. What people say about health as a key to be happy must be right. And to achieve this healthy life, your foods must be in the first place to consider.

“Your food defines who you are” is a good sentence to make you aware of what you eat and drink as you live. When it comes to food that can make you live longer, broccoli, grapes and salad will be the leading choice for your menu. It is proved that diet rich in vegetables and fruits especially the one which is low in calories and high in nutrients is the perfect for healthy long life. Eat those three foods will be enough for your diet right now.

Moreover, berries can be your other choices when it comes to superfood that can lead you to a healthy life. Full of antioxidant, this fruit is popular for its ability to increase our immune system as well as to battle a life-threatening disease like cancer and high blood sugar. A study has found that eating one or two serving of strawberries per week will be able to reduce cognitive decline risk as you get older.

In addition, there is also garlic that is suggested to be a superfood that can be a key to enter a healthier life. Researchers have discovered that garlic’s phytochemicals can stop the progress of carcinogenic chemicals in our body. At this sense, it can decrease the risk of colon cancers, especially in women. The last, you can also consider olive oil as another super food for healthy and long life.

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