Purple Bedding for Royalty-Like Bedroom!

purple beddingWhat is the first thing that crosses your mind if you heard ‘purple’ or ‘violet’? purple is a color which born from a combination of red and blue. This color becomes so popular because it was calmer than red and more aggressive than blue. An awesome color to pick, such as for purple bedding, purple wall paint, purple party dress and much more. Not to mention that this color is often associated with royalty-ness too. And for your information, purple and violet are two different colors, yes, they look very similar, and we often cannot differentiate those two.

Purple Bedding is The Easiest Way

Purple become an official imperial color for Byzantine Empire. And of course, because of that, this color screams nobility. Cool, isn’t it? The color of Elizabeth II ticket coronation is purple too. No doubt that this color is related to empire-like. If you like that kind of things, you can apply it in your house too. The easiest thing is, you can get a purple bedding for example. It’s simple. You just can buy them in the furniture store, and Ta-da! As amazing as it is, now your bedroom smells like a kingdom. And you are the heir in line! Well, that kind of escalated quickly.

We need to put this in our mind too, purple is a universal color. Not like pink that are over-feminine, or black that are often being related to men, purple is uni-sex. Whether you are a boy or a girl, a kid or a grandma, a doctor or lawyer, it does not even matter. Just use your Purple bedding. To bring that royalty-like feels inside of your own room! My personal advice, hang a few wall paintings to strengthen the feels. Go try it and make your room the most comfortable place in the whole house!

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