Outstanding Benefit of Fat for Your Body

Health life
Fat is the scariest thing people nowadays face because it is commonly related to the big number of our body weight. That is why people try to avoid some food which contains some fat in it. However, fat also has some essential benefit for our body to keep it healthy. It could be found in olive, avocado, beans, and sardines. Avocado has benefit for increasing the quality of our digestive system. This is because avocado could have some omega 9 which is beneficial to keep your skin look fresh and young through aging. The potassium inside avocado could also bring productivity into your life.

High-fat milk could also be beneficial for your body. The fat in this milk would not increase the potential for cardiovascular disease because fat could interact well with the other nutrition. It is a very good alternative if you do not want to eat some meat or some fatty food. Dark chocolate could also be the example of a fat food which has the benefit to reduce the potential of a heart attack. This is because the food could keep the blood pressure to be stable. You can make the dark chocolate to be your favorite snack because it has flavanol which is beneficial to keep the blood flow better.

The egg is another great example that you can eat to have the benefit of fat. It has so much source of vitamin A, choline, vitamin B and a great amount of selenium. And it gives your body energy to produce some great power which could strengthen your daily life. Beans are not only familiar with its fat but also the other nutrition such as protein and antioxidant. That is why consuming beans could mean your healthy condition because it is even possible to prevent Alzheimer that could occur into your body.

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