A Nice Strategy To Stop Cold And Boost Your Immune

Health lifeSometimes we forgot the limit that our body have during this rainy season. We often must go to campus in the moment when the rain drops so intense and make the temperature so low in our environment. The only thing that makes us survive is the defense system, called immune, in our body. We need to strengthen it and rely our body on it to prevent any disease such as flu, cold, and cough. We can do our best by consuming vitamin C, have some exercises and maintain a good cycle of food. But if the disease has come to our body, we must take certain action.

Take flu shot and consume some juice which contains the vitamin that is needed by your body. Most people think that our body needs vitamin C and the source of vitamin C is orange. But it is not the only fruit which could provide the adequate amount of vitamin C. there are other foods such as broccoli, strawberries, guava, lemon, pineapple, kiwifruit and the other fruit or vegetable which could have been recommended by your personal doctor. Use that food as the composition of your pressed juice and you will get the benefit as soon as possible.

The thing that makes you able to cure your cold or flu is to win a good fight between the immune system and the virus inside your body. You must enhance the immune system by consuming some spinaches and drink coconut water which is great to hydrate electrolytes. The substance that is contained by the food must have anti-bacterial properties so that your body could win the good fight and repair the damaged part of your body. To make all processes done very well. You must take rest in routine for about 9-10 hours of sleeping and the good fight will make you cured.

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