Good Bye Sleepiness in the Morning!

Health careAre you often sleepy in the morning after getting up from your sleep? You feel very lazy to do your daily activity. You want to go back to your bed and sleep again than washing your face. Probably, you have tried to drink coffee but it is not effective. Also, it contains caffeine and it is addictive. The excessive caffeine is not good for our health. Therefore, what is the perfect way to boost your spirit in the morning? Here are 4 tips to solve them.

  1. Enjoy Sunshine

Make sure that after getting up; you must open your window to enjoy the fresh air and the sunlight. Otherwise, you can turn on the light to give a signal that you have to get up and start to do any activities. Those can reduce the drowsiness.

  1. Do light exercise

Do the light exercise makes your body feel fresh and ready to face your day. You can take a walk for a few minutes in your complex or your back yard and enjoy the fresh morning air.

  1. Using 10 minutes’ regulation

If you get up and usually want to sleep again and saying “I will sleep again for 5 minutes only” you have to change it. You should change with 10 minutes’ regulation. Try to say “I will sleep again after I get up for 10 minutes”. Thus, you will be lazy to come back to your bed. It is because you get the spirit in the 10 minutes’ duration.

  1. Do something that needs concentration

It is suggested to do something that needs concentration. Thus, you will train you to be the focus. Also, it will get rid of sleepiness in the morning. Probably, you will be hard doing this for the first time. However, force yourself to do it every day you will get the benefits. You can write, read, or draw after you get up.

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