Eat as You Want to be Healthy

Health lifeHow many times do you eat in a day? What do you eat? Anything that comes inside your body should be good and healthy, people. If your food is healthy but you eat it too much in a day; it will not be good. So, be wise in giving food for your own body. You do like meat and rice; for example, you can eat them but do not too much in a day. It will not good for your body health balance. White rice that contains carbohydrate and sugar should not be eaten too much. Then, if you eat too much meat will save more fat in your belly as well.

However, if you eat them wisely in the proper amount, they will make your body perfect and healthy. You can eat anything you want in two conditions; they are good and healthy. If you usually eat three times a day; it will be good and healthy for you if you do that every day. Then, if you usually eat twice a day; then, eat only twice a day every day. If you eat more than twice your body may reject the food and your body may be not as normal as before. You may be getting fat and stomachache.

The most important eating in a day is breakfast. You should not leave the breakfast if you want to have your great day. Breakfast is the best start to get you a best and healthy day. You will be more active and productive. You can eat anything that is good and healthy for your breakfast if your stomach is ok with it. Milk, juice, or fresh water with bread or fruits will be good for your breakfast. Choose which food that will rock your day, guys.

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