Drastic as Your Android Game Emulator

drasticThe easy playing games in your Android must be your desire right now. Well, it is now possible to play the game Nintendo in your Android by using the help of an emulator. An emulator is a tool that will make you able to play any kind of game version on your Android. One of the best game emulator for Android user is Drastic.  The drastic emulator provides you the needs of true gamers. If you are interested in using this emulator on your Android, then you should know that there are many features that you can get from this famous emulator.

Best Features Your Get from Drastic

By looking at several features here then you will not be doubtful in downloading this emulator in your Android. The features included in this emulator are that you will be able to play any kind of games in a quick speed. Well, this is the very first thing that you should know about the Drastic emulator. You can play the game in a full speed. Besides, this emulator is also able to increase the 3D Games Graphic until two times from the original version, so that you can play the game with high resolution. Well, the high resolution of the game will make you more excited about playing the game.

The next thing that you will get from downloading this emulator in your Android is that you will have two modes that will make you easier in playing the game. This emulator gives you landscape and portrait modes on screen. Besides, this Drastic emulator will give you many more benefit such as it is supported by add-on and also a physical controller for devices like NVidia Shield and Xperia Play. You also do not have to be afraid if all the data in the game will lose because this emulator also will have synchronized the game data to Google Drive.

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