Clash Royale Game Review

clash royale hackPeople love to play the game on their smartphone because it is very simple yet entertaining. Unlike PC games where people are supposed to face the heavy duty computer in from of them, they actually can just use a device that is very close to them for playing the game. One game that is quite interesting to play is Clash Royale. Developed by Supercell, this game is extremely entertaining and attractive. Many people who love other games actually move their passion to Clash Royale because of its greatness. Those who still do not know about this game, there are several things that should be noted about this game.

Great Things from Clash Royale

This game is great for several reasons. First of all, it is possible to play the game 24/7 without stopping. However, there is no reward in forcing so because there is a limit where players only can hold 3 items i.e. chest throughout the games. The chest can contain extremely valuable items such as rare cards and gems for quick progression of the game. However, most of the time, the chest only contains junk items that are only useful under certain condition. In this case, it is important to just target the rare chest for getting rare items. Again, it is limited, and the progress is determined by how long you can keep those chests.

The next thing that should make this game awesome is graphic. The graphic is smooth yet it does not require a heavy-duty processor that is only installed in high-spec smartphones. Unfortunately, this game requires a stable internet connection. Those who are still living in rural area with a limited internet connection cannot enjoy this game so much. Moreover, with the concept of a real-time duel, the speed of internet plays a huge role in the winning decision of the game. That is the Clash Royale review, if you want to know more visit here at

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