Clash of Clans Gemme Gratuit

gemme gratuitAre you looking for information about Clash of Clans gemme gratuit? Fortunately, you come to the right site. Well, there is no doubt that everyone playing this game would like to get free gems so that they can play satisfyingly without having afraid that their gems are limited. By gaining free gems, especially when you gain many, we will be able to use any units we like for battle and we can also upgrade any other important things in this game. Then, how to get gems for free?

Gemme Gratuit for Clash of Clans

If you are asking how to get gems for free, there are some ways that you can do to get it. The first way is by removing the obstacle. It is possible for you to get more gems for free by removing any obstacle you find around your village. Removing plants and rocks can lead you to gemme gratuit or free gems, so try to find these obstacles to add gems to your account. To keep you get gems from the plants that grow around your village, it is better for you to leave space for the plants to re-grow after you remove it.

The second way to get free gems is by fighting other players. By winning a battle you will be able to earn many gems. The number of gems you will gain is based on your achievement in the battle. One of the achievements that can give you many gems is Spoils of War. By achieving it, you will be able to earn 1,000 for free. The third way to earn free gems is by using Google Play Rewards. This is another way that you can do to gain more gems in Clash of Clans. Try to use this app if you are Android user and get a chance to gain gemme gratuit.

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