Chevrolet Bolt Car Review Sites

car review sitesUS automaker Chevrolet car review sites have recently officially announced plans to produce EV Bolt Assembly in Orion assembly plant in Detroit. Reporting from Worldcarfans, shortly after Chevy Bolt EV Concept did debut at the Detroit Motor Show 2015 last month, rumors of the possibility of electric cars go into production lines is more widely heard. However, Chevrolet finally officially announced that they would build a ‘next-generation electric vehicle “in the near future. This decision came as a response to consumers who say they want a production version is created.

Check the Chevrolet Bolt Specs in These Car Review Sites

Additionally, this EV Chevy Bolt car review sites has the potential to really shake up the status quo of new generation electric vehicle in the future. Chevrolet is also targeting a starting price of around USD 30,000 (approximately USD 383 million) for the full-electric car, which is claimed to give a mileage range of 200 miles (322 km) on a single charge of electricity.

Meanwhile, there is still no further details on the production version of Bolt EV but predicted the electric car will enter production line in October of next year. Chevrolet Bolt EV will also be built based on a GM small car platform, Gamma, which will also serve as a basis for the next generation Sonic. Chevrolet Bolt attendance plan is going to be a direct competitor of the Tesla electric car output. As known manufacturer of electric cars from the United States, Tesla has launched Tesla Model S is able to cover a total distance of 200 miles, valued at 321.8 km on one battery charge. Price Tesla Model S is priced starting at the US $ 66,000 for the entry-level model with a 60kWh battery similar to the battery capacity Bolt. While Tesla with 100 kWh batteries marketed at a price in car review sites is USD 134.500, capable of producing distance 300 miles.

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