Health careAs it is known that eyes are the important part of the body. Not only the function to see the world only, eyes also can beautify you. How comes? With a healthy eye, a good thing will shine in it. That is why an eye care becomes very important to be done. Here, with the best treatment, your eyes will be not only healthy but also beautiful. Then, for those who are curious about this matter, there is some explanation relating to eyes care tips in the next paragraphs below.

  1. Consuming healthy food for eyes

For the first tips, which all people can do is consuming healthy food for eyes. For instance, is spinach and carrot. Those two vegetables have been known as the best vegetables for eyes. The vitamin in those foods is very nice in helping your eyes to be still health. Besides, drinking lots of water will be good as well. When you do all the things above, it will stop many vision complications.

  1. Applying natural care

After that, you also can do another eye care. Here it is by applying the natural care. As we know that something natural is good for health including for eye health. You just mix both almond and milk which then you apply it beneath your eyes. The function of this natural care is helping eyes to look more beautiful and indeed healthy.

  1. Relaxing eyes with cucumber and potatoes

Not only almond and milk, you can choose potatoes or cucumbers as well for the other eyes care. In this case, you just slice the cucumbers or potatoes and place the slices on your eyes for several minutes. If you do that, the substance in both cucumber and potatoes will help the eyes relax. At the same time, you will solve the problems of dark circles, freckles, wrinkles, fine line and much more.


Health tipsYou must be known creamy delicious kefir that is very popular. If you are bored with it; you can create delicious and healthy smoothies, then. You can add fruits in your yogurt and get all the benefits now! OK, here you will see some suggestion of best combination for your smoothies. Are you ready to create the most delicious smoothies now? OK, let see the tips as the following.

First, you should prepare a half cup of kefir, a half cup of ice cubes, sweetener as an option if you like and one until two servings fruits. Then, you can blend them all and enjoy the best smoothies you made. What are the best combinations of fruits? OK, first you can use honeydew or cantaloupe melon and grapes. Then, you can use avocado and dates. Third, you may combine the pineapple and pears as well. Do you want more? You can mix mango and cardamom. Besides, if you like peaches; you can combine peaches, nectarines, and plums. You can add other fruits you like too if you want. However, you should try those combinations first and feel the healthy benefits. If you are brave enough, you can add some vegetables to your smoothies too. It will be so delicious for some people. For you too maybe.

If you do not really like vegetables to combine to your smoothies; you can just use the fruits above and try other fruits you like. You must be realizing the best benefits of kefir and the best benefits of fruits. If you combine those two delicious drink and fruits you can get double benefits for your body. Well, that is all the tips to create the most delicious healthy smoothies in your home. You can create the smoothies for the love ones. Show your love with healthy way.


supplementsix.comWhat do you want to have an ideal body shape? It is not a secret anymore that there are many people who want to get such an ideal body shape since they want to look more attractive. If you have the same desire, here is diet and weight management supplements review for you. As for having been known that there are many ways to make your body looks nice. One of the ways is by consuming the right supplement for weight loss. With this kind of supplement, of course, getting an ideal weight is easy. Combining with a diet program, it will be such a good idea for you to get what you want to in a quick time. Moreover, how to choose this supplement? The answer is in the following paragraphs.

Diet Supplements Review

For those who want to get an ideal weight and body shape, it is important for you to read the information on diet and weight management supplements review here. With a deeper understanding about the supplement, you can choose which kind of products that is the best one. We know that there are so many different products for diet and weight management being sold. That is why several tips below can help you in deciding the best supplement for diet and weight management.

In this case, what you must do is knowing well the need of the body. Look at to your body and then you will know how many pounds your weight must lose. After deciding the goals, you must choose the product which is suitable for your need. Here, you can see the ingredients of the diet supplement first. However, when you have had an ideal weight, it is better for you to pick the product up of weight management. Before you buy the product, seeing the supplements review first is the best recommendation here.


Health careAre you a vegan? Or maybe you have a family member of a friend who is a vegan. You should tell them that the health care of vegan is also important. Do not think just because you are vegan and do not eat meat and all those things about animals; you are free from getting sick and diseases. You should remember that the important thing of meat and milk you should get it too. So, how to get the benefits of meat and milk without even touch them? Let see the information about vegan’s health care as follow.

How to fulfill your iron needs? Some important healthy things of meat and milk such as iron and another important thing for your bones should be fulfilled well. If you are a vegan who does not care with the needs of iron, you will get anemia and your body will be weakened. What should you do? Of course, you should consume the iron. You can get the important things of meat and milk from nonanimal foods. You can consume mushroom as the replacement of meat. Then, to replace the milk, you can consume the milk of soybeans. You should not just eat the greens and forget those things.

You should count on the nutrition and all you need for your body. Therefore, you can decide what kind of foods and drink you can consume. As long as you are a vegan, you can skip the meat, milk, honey and eggs. However, you should remember to replace those things with other vegan foods. After you fulfill the whole nutrition you need. You will be the healthiest vegan in the world. Do not be weak just because you are not eating all foods. Ok, that is all the information and tips for you who are vegan. You can share this information with friends as well.


yoga baliOf course, one of the biggest problems in human is when the mind and body cannot be as one. It will bring the bad impact to people around you. Yoga can be the ancient technique that capable of helping you to feed the mind with positive energy and it will bring the good impact to the body itself. With doing this, you can be as one with your mind and it will really help to fix this kind of problem. Yoga also can be the good technique that can help you to release the negative energy and it can help to make your body feel less of burden.

Good Place For Yoga

Doing yoga, you need some place quiet and can provide you with some very harmonious surroundings. Well, if you just landing on Ngurah Rai Airport Bali, you can drive about 15 minutes from there to the very best place that can provide you with a very nice and warm atmosphere and in this place, you also can do some yoga classes. Besides, will provide you with yoga classes, this place also will give you with nice and healthy homemade food which can boost your mood. During the session, you also will see the nice view that can make your mind feel relax.

You can pick one of the yoga styles, start from Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, or you can try to treat yourself with the best healing Balinese massage which can provide you with a glimpse of heaven taste. Well, if you at Canggu and you looking for the good place that you can use to stay, do some yoga and nice food. This is the best choice for you and of course, this friendly place will give you the best of your days in Bali.


Health tipsIf you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, you might think about quitting the smoking and you also will wonder, “what’s the point?” you don’t need to worry, because after the diagnosis quitting the smoking will also give you big difference in your life and of course it will mean something greater for you, and also it will be really helpful improve and also increasing effectiveness of you treatment. Here are the three surprising reasons quit smokings even after a cancer diagnosis. Well, if you have the same problem, you need to know these reasons, because it will be really good for you.

  • If you don’t quit, smoking will make the treatment harder, do some chemotherapy and radiation can cause unpleasant feeling and also side effect, including hair loss, nausea, pain, skin problems and also fatigue, and fortunately for you who decide to smoke, some research says, if smoking will make these side effect even worse than it used to be,
  • Smoking also will make the treatment not effective, you probably know about how the smoking can impact your body, it will affect the circulation, your immune system, cardiovascular health and even the ability to heal from the wound. If you are undergoing cancer treatment that involves surgery, it will make the treatment even harder.
  • Smoking also will increase the risk of cancer recurrence, even when the treatment that you do it’s successful, you can’t continuing smoking, because it will make the bigger chance for cancer to reappear and it will return to your body. So, you need to make sure you have a healthy life to keep the cancer sleep inside your cells.

So, no you know about how good to quit smoking is. Even for you who recently have a diagnosis with cancer. Well, for you who not get cancer yet, it’s better if you do some precaution in order to keep your body healthy and always in good the good condition.


diet plan for weight lossWhen it comes to a diet plan for weight loss, many of us trapped in the cycle of failure. We are trying one to another diet plan but ended with such a bad result. Then, to get that killing body shape, we need to start repeatedly. If you have the same problem, you should not be a worry. There are many other diet plans that you can consider when you still want to have that slim body shape. If you want to try one of the best, try this day to day diet plan.

Day To Day Diet Plan For Weight Loss

Let’s begin with the first day. In the first day of the program, take oatmeal with frozen or fresh fruit for breakfast. Rather than consuming dried cold cereal in your breakfast, consuming hot whole grain cereal alongside with fruit is better. In this day to day diet plan for weight loss, you are supposed to eat white bean soup and mixed green salad. Then, for your dinner, you can take another salad with fresh seasonal produce mixed with fresh herbs. You can also try mustard coated salmon and potatoes when you are engaging in this diet plan.

In the second day, for your breakfast, you can take egg white omelet. Add grilled vegetables such as broccoli, mushrooms, ricotta cheese, bell peppers, and onion will make it more delicious and healthier for your diet plan. For your lunch, you can eat salad or turkey sandwich. In case you are choosing a salad for your lunch, you can add mixed baby greens, yogurt, oregano and others. Then, for your dinner, you can eat steamed fresh vegetables or roasted red bell peppers. This day to day diet plan for weight loss is surely worth to try. Start the program this day and you will get that slim body soon.


Health lifeWho does not want to get a healthy life? Indeed, all people will want it. As it is known that being healthy is very good. In this case, many people are able to do so many things when they get the happiness. Then, how to be healthy actually? Here, there are some things which you can do in order that you will find a healthier body. What are those things? If you are curious enough about it, that must be better to read all of the explanations as in the paragraphs below.

  1. Balancing the need of nutritious for your body

As it is known that food is the most important thing that can influence the health of someone. By food, someone is able to get a healthy body or maybe a sick one. That is why, when you want to get a healthy body, what to do is you must eat the food having the best nutritions for the body. Fulfilling the nutritions needed actually the best thing to do.

  1. Doing good exercises

Moreover, exercises are the other things which are important in getting a healthy body here. It is the activities which all people must do actually. Here, doing stretching in the morning everyday must be the simplest exercises people can do.

  1. Being happy

Of course, it is not something new that someone who is happy will have a better health body. Yes, the thought of someone about something will influence how they see the world. Thus, to be happy is very easy and simple. You just have a positive thinking and enjoy the life. With it, you are easier in getting the healthy body.

In short, with all of the things above, now it is the time for you to be healthier and then get your healthy life.


Health lifeEveryone wants to live a safe and healthy life. At this sense, it is normal for you to crave for any information that can help you to improve toward a safer and healthier life. Then, do you need information about how to reach this safe and healthy life? If you do, just keep reading and check this out!

The first and foremost in living toward a safe and healthy life is to eat healthily. Do you remember that what you eat is what you are? If you do not even remember, at least you have ever heard about this before. When it comes to eating, eating a variety of vegetables, fruits, and whole grain each day is a must. As you eat those considered healthy foods, limit your intake in drinks and foods that are high in sugar, calories, salt, and alcohol.

The second step is to be active. There is no doubt that people need to be more active in order to achieve a healthy psychical body. Be active minimally two and a half hours per week to make your body healthier. Don’t forget to add any activities that can raise your breathing rate as well as heart rates. If it is possible, take another activity that can strengthen your muscle. By becoming more active, you will be able to have healthier body and soul.

The last step is to protect your own self. Do you want to live safely and healthy? Protect yourself. Protecting ourselves means that we should do any necessary thing to keep us safe. For example, when we are bicycling or motorcycling, we should use helmets. And then when we go outdoor, use sunscreen. Those are what we need to protect ourselves. Now, let’s take steps every single day of our life to live a safe and healthy life!


Health careThere is one topic that might scare it is health. If you talk about health, then you ask yourself whether you have already lived a healthy life or not. Well, the health should be maintained well because it will give impact to the way you live. You will be easier in life if you are healthy. In this time, you will be explained about the health of your eyes. The eye is the important part in your body. If eyes cannot function well then it will be difficult for you to run the activity, so here are the tips on how to keep the health of your eyes.

There are several things you need to do if you want to keep the health of your eyes. First, you should pay attention to the way you read. While you are reading books, you need to consider the distance between your eyes and the object. The ideal distance between your eyes and the book, while you are reading, is 30 cm. This thing is also done to prevent myopia. Another rule you should obey if you want to keep the health of your eyes is by not reading and laying down at the same time, it also can cause myopia.

After that, while reading you need enough lighting. Do not read in the dim light because less of lighting can give negative effect to the health of your eyes. You also need to give time for your eyes to stop working. When you are too long staring at your laptop or hand phone you need to give sometimes to make your eyes relaxed by shutting them down or looking at something that calming. The next thing that you need to do is do not rub your eyes when it is itchy. You also will be forbidden to rub your eyes when your hand is dirty. Well, that several simple ways to keep the health of your eyes.


nursing careerIf you like to have a good career as a nurse, this site is available for you. You can chase your dream about nursing career wherever you are. This is completely good for you since you can make your dream come true. It is known that if you work in the medical health, you need to take study which is related to your field of work. In addition, you will also make this site as the place where you should start your career only here. It would be completely good for you to get the access only on this site.

The Easiest Way To Find Nursing Career

On the other hand, there is another important thing that you can take only on this site. Here you can find your career easily. You can just type the name of the career in the field of a nursing career as well as the place that you like to work. This would be good for you to have this site and you can make this site as the best place to go. This site is easy to use and you can just count on this one whenever you need to find your career as a nurse only on this site.

On the other hand, you can make this site as the best site to find your dreaming career. If you just graduate from the professional study in this kind of field of work, you can just apply the new career on this site. It is completely good for you to have this one. If you use this site, you can find your career only in minutes. This is good for you to have this one and you can just make this site as the one that you can count on. Just go find your nursing career only on this site.


Health tipsRambutan fruit is not all have a red color. There is rambutan fruit that has a color combination of red with yellow. This tropical fruit is a seasonal fruit. Rambutan fruit flavor has a blend of sweet and sour flavors. For high quality rambutan, it will only provide a sweet taste. Rambutan fruit is more delicious consumed directly without processing into fruit juice, the cake, and other processed. Pulp few indeed would be more enjoyable to be consumed directly. Rambutan fruit is a fruit popular among tropical fruits other. Don’t hesitate about the benefits. Rambutan has wonderful benefits for us. Here some benefits of rambutan:

  1. The rambutan has carbohydrate so it can be energy source
  2. The rambutan contains protein so it can change the damaged cell into the new cells.
  3. The rambutan contains vitamin A so it can heal the eyes. Therefore, if you have a problem with your eyes, it is suggested to consume rambutan regularly to heal your eyes.
  4. The vitamin C in the rambutan functions as an antioxidant for our body. Therefore, it can keep our body stay healthy and fresh
  5. There are so many minerals in the rambutan like iron, niacin, phosphor, zinc, magnesium and potassium.
  6. It can cure disease because of the lack vitamin A

Vitamin A can cure eyesore. Also, it can cure anemia. If you have a problem with anemia, don’t hesitate to consume rambutan. The iron that is contained rambutan plays a role to add hemoglobin production in our body.

  1. Curing Disease Due to Lack of Vitamin C

If you often experience diseases like sprue, chapped lips, and sore throat, you should be consuming rambutan. It will give health back. The content of vitamin C is high enough to restore the immune system and prevent these diseases.


Health lifeHow long you want to enjoy your life? If you want to have such longer and happier life, just be healthy. Well, being healthy is a must when you want to live longer and live happier than ever. What people say about health as a key to be happy must be right. And to achieve this healthy life, your foods must be in the first place to consider.

“Your food defines who you are” is a good sentence to make you aware of what you eat and drink as you live. When it comes to food that can make you live longer, broccoli, grapes and salad will be the leading choice for your menu. It is proved that diet rich in vegetables and fruits especially the one which is low in calories and high in nutrients is the perfect for healthy long life. Eat those three foods will be enough for your diet right now.

Moreover, berries can be your other choices when it comes to superfood that can lead you to a healthy life. Full of antioxidant, this fruit is popular for its ability to increase our immune system as well as to battle a life-threatening disease like cancer and high blood sugar. A study has found that eating one or two serving of strawberries per week will be able to reduce cognitive decline risk as you get older.

In addition, there is also garlic that is suggested to be a superfood that can be a key to enter a healthier life. Researchers have discovered that garlic’s phytochemicals can stop the progress of carcinogenic chemicals in our body. At this sense, it can decrease the risk of colon cancers, especially in women. The last, you can also consider olive oil as another super food for healthy and long life.


ubudspaWhether you are seeking for such royal treatment or just a quick body treatment to relax, Ubudspa options are certainly infinite. Every tired traveler can easily find the best spa service around them and then find themselves baths in flower petal or floats from the oiled-up massage a minute later. It sounds interesting, isn’t it?  If you need an idea about where to go when you want to experience such feeling in Bali, this following information will help you to get inspired.

Best Ubudspa That Is Recommended In Bali

Among the other regions in Bali, Ubud is considered as the best part to find the best spa services. The first spa service that is recommended for you is Kush Ayurveda Rejuvenation. Designed in Sanskrit wall, this spa service offers a collection of best spa treatments which will bring you to get complete rejuvenation retreat. The second recommended spa service in Ubudspa is Bodyworks center. Having the same name with the one in Seminyak, this one offers individualized healing that includes reflexology, energy balancing, therapeutic massage and more. You can consult about what your body needs and a team of Bodyworks center will help you to get the treatment you need.

In addition, there is also Ubud Sari Heath Resort that can be a great place to enjoy total tissue cleansing. You will be able to experience tissue cleansing by using natural and organic ingredients in this spa service. You can also find any other treatments you might like as you step your feet in this place. If you need another idea of recommended spa in Ubud, Jaens Spa can be another choice for you to consider. Offering traditional Balinese massage and other spa packages, this spa is not only affordable but also very relaxing in the case of its treatment. Now, you have known some of the best Ubudspa in Bali.


Health tipsUsually, a mother is confused how to gain weight for their baby. They want to have a healthy baby. Therefore, this article will show you how to gain weight for your baby with high-calorie food. What are they?

  1. Beef Meat

Beef is very crucial because of the high protein content. If you want to increase weight with high-calorie food, I recommend choosing a piece of rib eye which has a lot of fat. Do not be afraid of cholesterol, because the baby has different needs than adults. They need a lot of fat because it is helpful for brain development and the muscles in their body.

You can give beef about 4-5 times a week. In a day, you can give 120-130 g of beef each day is processed differently they will not be bored. Well, give this meat was no trick yourself! Because in general, children who still do not have a complete dental, eating meat is a challenge for them. They are lazy to chew because the meat is usually tough. You can choose to scrape the meat when it is still in a frozen state so that the meat produced will be very smooth and easy to chew. If still not smooth, usually after completion cooked, you can blend the meat.

  1. Avocados are also high-calorie foods

Avocado is a fruit that contains high-calorie foods. 100 grams of avocado calories produce 160 calories. Additionally, the presentation is very easy. Only needs to be scraped and given directly to the children. Some children do not like the taste of fresh avocados; therefore, we suggest mixing it with another fruit that has a sweet taste like banana.

  1. Full fat yogurt

Bacterial content in the yogurt is very good for digestion! Calcium content in the yogurt is also good for bone formation. Yogurt also has a high fat content. Even so, there is also a yogurt that contains little fat. Therefore, make sure that you choose high fat and low sugar.