Cancelling Sent Gmail – IT Tutorial

yunarwinardi.comEmail is one way to communicate the most frequently used worldwide. In addition to sending messages, emails can also be used to send digital files to the email address of another person. If you currently often use e-mail facilities, then you must learn what we can do with it. One day you compose an email that will be sent to clients or prospective clients. Then you accidentally click on the send button when the email is not complete and there are still a few errors in the content. When this happens, there is no opportunity to withdraw or cancel the email. When the client receives an email from you then it will give the impression unfavorable to you.

IT Tutorial for Cancelling Gmail Has Been Sent

Gmail is an email service provider is the best and most widely used around the world. There is a feature where you can recall (cancel) a message that is sent within 10 to 30 seconds. First, you have to do is some settings in your Gmail account. So, after you click the send button will appear Undo selection to recall an email that has been sent by mistake.

The first step is to log into your Gmail account, then click the gear button on the right side and then click Settings. Now click on the tab lab setting. Now Type undo send the search box Search for a lab, then you will find Undo Send, and then select Enable and click Save Changes. Now Gmail will reload the page. Now arrangement Undo / Recall is enabled, if you want to add to the time of cancellation, then Click the gear button and then click More Settings. Now click on the General tab in the settings options. Then scroll down and find the Undo Send selection and then click on the drop-down menu and select the send cancellation period of time and then click the Save Changes button. More related articles visit

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