Best Place to Visit When You Travel to Indonesia

travel to indonesiaNot everyone has time to travel to Indonesia entirely. As we can see, it has more than 17,000 islands and us many need to spend our whole life to explore the entire of this wonderful country. However, if you want to visit Indonesia, actually there are some best places that are usually recommended for any traveler. Do you want to know what are they? The following information will provide any information you need about the best place to visit in Indonesia.

Here Are Some Best Places to Visit When Travel to Indonesia

The first place that you should visit when you are traveling to Indonesia is Jakarta. Jakarta is known to be the capital city of Indonesia which offers many hidden treasures, shopping center, and nightlife. Second, you should not miss Yogyakarta when you come to Indonesia. Yogyakarta is one of those wonderful cities in Indonesia which offers both ancient and contemporary attractions. When you travel to Indonesia, make sure that you visit Yogyakarta and see how wonderful is its street arts, food vendors, puppet makers and many other things. Third, for you who like enjoying such beautiful view from above the mountain, Mount Bromo will be the best place to visit.

In addition, you can also consider Lake Toba as another great place to visit in Indonesia. Lake Toba is actually the largest volcanic lake in this planet. It must be great to swim and relax in this wonderful lake in Indonesia. Then, Bali is another place that you should visit when it comes to Indonesia. As one of the favorable tourist destinations, Bali will offer you so many awesome sites to visit. Close to Bali, there is Lombok which is as awesome as Bali. You can find beautiful beaches and a great mountain in Lombok. That’s all some best places to visit when you travel to Indonesia.

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