Bali Driver – The Beauty of Bali

bali driverAll tourists who want to go to Bali want to visit beaches there. The beaches in Bali driver have beautiful scenery both with white sand or black sand. The beaches in Bali have different uniqueness and beauty. What is Bali? These are Beaches everywhere. Because of many beaches in Bali, many tourists confused where they should go. Thus, what are the most beautiful beaches in Bali?

Beaches in Bali Driver

The first beach is Nusa Dua Beach. Many people like this beach because this is the cleanest beach in Bali driver. Why is the beach clean? It is because there are many 5 stars’ hotels which have many workers who work to clean up the beach.  In Nusa Dua, we go to 2 beaches. The first beach is egger beach and the second is the mengiat beach. The two beaches are very suitable for children and for swimming because the wave is not too big. Thus, it is safe for us to swim. Also, we can go to water blow Bali which is located in Nusa dua.

Another place is Jimbaran beach. Why many people love to come to this beach is there is unique place there. That is a dinner with seafood in Jimbaran beach. It is very interesting because it is very romantic if we go there with our couples. Also, we can see the sunset while enjoying the food. After that, there is Pandawa beach. The Pandawa beach is very popular among the domestic tourists. The place is in the south of Bali. The beauty of this beach is placed on the white sand and the ocean. The ocean is calmer. Also, the sand is soft. There is a stone with 5 Pandawa. This beach is suitable for swimming and driving canoe. We can go there with our family to see the beauty of Pandawa beach. Let’s go the with Bali driver.

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