Audi A3 Specification

AlldiscoverIt is a most difficult thing if you have to choose one of many cars available that you want to buy. It is not as simple as people think because this includes a lot of money and if you have done a simple and not necessary mistake, then it is sure that you will feel regret it all the time. This is because not all people can buy more than one car in their lives, so it is important to buy one which is the best for them. If you are one of them, there is a recommendation for you to choose Audi A3 as one of some considerations that you need to take. Here, you will find the specifications of this car, so you will understand about it and pick it as your recommendation or not. So, here is the specification of Audi A3.

Specification of Audi A3

The first thing about the specification of Audi A3 is the engine. The engine is quite common to other kinds of car, turbocharged and intercooler inline 4 with 2.0-liter displacement, not too bad for the family car. The horsepower that produced from this car is 186 which means you can still drive this car in the medium speed with the stable condition and comfort. This car is using seven-speed transmission which makes you even more comfortable when you are driving at high speed. Then, it is about the security of the car itself. You don’t have to worry because this car is completed with dual airbags for each driver and passenger, so it is safe for you if something bad happens. This car also has a backup camera which is a feature that is useful for your car.

So, are you interested in having this car? If you are, you can make this car as your recommendation, but if you are not, feel free to go to There, you will find all you need for car specification or some other things related to cars that you want to have. Feel free to go the website.

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